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We are an exclusive cosmetic line that releases specialty products and collections on a monthly basis. Our goal is to make our users get an exclusionary experience and feel one of kind, while using our limited products. Our products are designed to help you find the beauty within you by giving you a unique look and worthier feeling. Quality should never be a compromise. Our products are Cruelty Free, Vegan and Paraben Free Products. 

Our brand also features Little Splashers by Kylah B.  A lipgloss line for princesses destined to be Queens. Our focus is to encourage mothers to inspire their daughters to follow their dreams and rise above through guidance and taking action. Little Splashers offers innovative kid-friendly products that are designed to help our princesses get the best out of their beauty while nourishing their brains. 



Our blog speaks to self-love, optimism, and perspective. We provide resources, tips, and empathy through experience and support. We believe togetherness is the path to changing lives, one connection at a time. Change happens within, and what better way to feel confident in the transition than looking good while doing it? Feeling better! 

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We release specialty products that are exclusive and selected with our main purpose, to help you find the beauty in you! Getting your hands on our special releases will ensure you look good and feel better!